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I've won three awards in the magazine feature category of the EXCEL Awards from the Association Media & Publishing for my work at Eos.

Top Reads at Eos
How the Ski Industry Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Climate Activism, Eos

Five Environmental Consequences of Australia’s Fires, Eos

Racist Slurs in Place-Names Have to Go, Say Geoscientists, Eos

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Could Wildfire Ash Feed the Ocean’s Tiniest Life-Forms?, Smithsonian

Wildfires Can Form Monstrous Pyrocumulonimbus Clouds, How Stuff Works

Climate Change Is Coming for Our Fish Dinners, Maine Public Broadcasting Network

The Herky-Jerky Weirdness of Earth’s Magnetic Field, The Wire News India

Network Connects Indigenous Knowledges in the Arctic and U.S. Southwest, National Catholic Reporter


Greenhouse Gases Must Begin to Fall by 2025, Says U.N. Climate Report, Eos

Termite Fumigation in California Is Fueling the Rise of a Rare Greenhouse Gas, Eos

Climate Report Rebukes Overshoot Plans with “Irreversible Consequences”, Eos

A Climate Mystery Warns Us to Heed the Unknown, Eos


The Surprising Root of the Massachusetts Fight Against Natural Gas, Eos

The 2-Year Countdown to Deep-Sea Mining, Eos
The Ticking Time Bomb of Arctic Permafrost, Eos

Unhealthy Air Could Become Routine in the Pacific Northwest, Eos


The Surprising Reach of Tonga’s Giant Atmospheric Waves

The Herky-Jerky Weirdness of Earth’s Magnetic Field, Eos

How to Launch a Satellite During a BlackoutEos

Have You Seen Ball Lightning? Scientists Want to Know About ItEos


The Seismic Hush of the Coronavirus, Eos

Aerosol Scientists Try to Clear the Air About COVID-19 Transmission, Eos

No Mask? You May Not Worry About Climate Change, Either, Eos

What It’s Like to Social Distance at Sea, Eos

The Coronavirus Hurts Some of Science’s Most Vulnerable, Eos

During a Pandemic, Is Oceangoing Research Safe?, Eos


First U.S. Airline Goes Carbon Neutral, Eos

How Financial Markets Can Grow More Climate Savvy, Eos

Fossil Fuels Less Efficient Than Earlier Estimates, Eos

Sand from Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet Could Bring in Business, Eos


Shining a Spotlight on LGBTQ+ Visibility in STEM, Eos

Women in Oceanography Still Navigate Rough Seas, Eos

The Two-Year On-Ramp, Eos


“Now Is the Time” for Green Recovery, Scientists Say, Eos

Young Voters Express Frustration and Hope at MSNBC’s Climate Forum, Eos

Scientists Praise Urgency, Aggressive Plans in Climate Town Hall, Eos

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Emissions Rollbacks, Eos

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